Signature Nutri-blender 900W SH03828

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Signature Nutri-blender 900W SH03828


Product Details
  • Simple to use

it as simple as just using a blender just put the item you need to blend.

  • Easy to clean

the blender  has cups making it easy  to clean making it hygienic

  • Small, doesn’t take up a lot of kitchen space

it perfect for asmall  kitchen since it doent take up much space


  • Powerful blender; blends different types of foods effortlessly

It can be used to blend diffrent types of food without much straining

  • Needs just 3 parts to run: unit, cup, lid

when you have the cup the unit and the lid you are good to go with your blending

  • Makes it easy to ingest fruits and vegetables
  • Easy to make smooth smoothies

you can use it to make smoothies so different with the normal blender

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