Roch Air Conditioner 12000BTU

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Explore the comprehensive product descriptions and detailed specifications of the Roch Air Conditioner 12000BTU. Discover the key features, cooling ca


Product Details

Product Descriptions and Specifications:

  1. Product Type: The Roch Air Conditioner 12000BTU is an inverter split air conditioner designed for efficient cooling in various settings.

  2. Brand: Roch - Known for quality and reliability in the realm of air conditioning solutions.

  3. Cooling Capacity: Impressive 12,000 BTU capacity ensuring effective cooling performance even in warmer climates.

  4. Refrigerant Type: Environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant ensuring efficient cooling while being eco-conscious.

  5. Engine Power: Equipped with a robust 1.5 CV engine power ensuring quick and powerful cooling capabilities.

  6. Voltage: Operates on a standard voltage range of 220V-240V, suitable for most residential and commercial power supplies .

  7. Dimensions:

    • Internal Dimensions: 1006 x 316 x 249 mm providing insight into the size for installation requirements.
    • External Dimensions: 850 x 710 x 269 mm for understanding the complete size and space needed for the air conditioner.
  8. Additional Features:

    • Automatic Restart: Offers the convenience of restarting in the event of power outages without manual intervention.
    • Anti-Bacterial and Air Purifier: Ensures cleaner and healthier air quality by eliminating harmful particles and bacteria.
    • Golden Fins: Enhanced protection against corrosion and environmental factors, increasing the longevity of the unit.
  9. Efficiency and Technology:

    • Eco Energy Saving Technology: Designed to reduce energy consumption while maintaining optimal cooling efficiency.
    • LED Display Function: Provides easy monitoring and control of settings with a clear display.
  10. Material and Build:

    • Solid Rustproof Body: Ensures durability and longevity even in challenging environments .
    • 100% Copper Tubing: Reliable and efficient copper tubing construction for the optimal functioning of the air conditioner
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