Hisense FL-30FC 222 Liters Glass Door With Lock Showcase Fridge

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Discover the Hisense FL-30FC, a 222-liter showcase fridge designed for optimal display and efficient cooling. Featuring a double-layer glass door with


Product Details

Step into the world of enhanced beverage display with the Hisense FL-30FC, a meticulously designed showcase fridge that promises not only to preserve your beverages but to do so with style and efficiency. Ideal for both commercial and domestic environments, this 222-liter cooler is engineered to meet the demands of any busy establishment that prides itself on offering chilled beverages instantly ready for consumption.

Key Features:

  1. High Capacity Storage: The Hisense FL-30FC offers a generous 222 liters of space, perfect for storing a variety of beverage types. This high-capacity feature ensures that you can stock up on drinks minimizing the need for frequent restocking.

  2. Efficient Beverage Display: Equipped with a clear, double-layer glass door, this fridge not only provides excellent insulation but also offers an unobstructed view of its contents, enhancing the presentation and accessibility of your beverages.

  3. Eco-Friendly Performance: Utilizing the latest R600 Gas refrigerant, the Hisense FL-30FC operates with enhanced cooling efficiency and reduced environmental impact, supporting your business's green credentials.

  4. Innovative Auto Defrost System: Forget the hassle of manual defrosting, as this fridge incorporates an automatic defrost system that maintains the fridge’s efficiency while ensuring your products are perfectly chilled and ready for service.

  5. Enhanced Visibility with Inner Lighting: The integrated inner light ensures your products are showcased beautifully, illuminating your beverages with a bright, inviting glow that attracts customers and boosts sales.

  6. Stylish Arc Design Door: The integrated arc door not only adds aesthetic value but also provides a modern look to your setup, enhancing the overall ambiance of your venue.

  7. Mechanical Control System: Simple and intuitive controls allow easy temperature adjustments, ensuring your beverages are kept at the ideal temperature without the need for complicated settings.

  8. Low Voltage Operation: Designed to operate on lower voltage, this fridge ensures energy conservation, reducing your utility bills and operating costs significantly.

  9. Water Disposal Pan: The fridge comes with a water disposal pan that conveniently collects condensation and excess moisture, ensuring that maintenance is hassle-free and hygiene standards are upheld.

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